Affiliate Marketing Training Made Easy.

To maintain an edge in an industry as competitive and fast-paced as iGaming, affiliate programmes have to be built on the foundation of a highly skilled team. As the first of its kind, the Income Access Accreditation course (IAAC) will share a knowledge base gained from more than 10 years as a leader in the iGaming affiliate marketing space. The course was thus designed to support and create an industry standard in affiliate marketing training.

As an operator, IAAC will allow you to:

• Save time and money related to training, up-skilling, and investing in your team
• Combat HR/recruitment shortages – hire internally, training candidates with little to no experience
• Provide a standardised training format with measurable results related to comprehension of course content
• Provide strategic direction to ensure your team is leveraging the Income Access software platform, for maximum ROI
• Help ensure industry-leading affiliate programme management operations

As an affiliate manager, IAAC will allow you to:

• Invest in your skills training and career building by becoming an invaluable member of your organisation
• Open doors to new career opportunities and accelerated career growth in affiliate marketing
• Leverage Income Access’ holistic industry perspective of affiliate programme management best practices
• Gain industry-wide recognition by becoming Income Access Certified

Ready to become an affiliate marketing expert?
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